Tony Muthaphukkn G: Reaping My Soul CD

Tony Muthaphukkn G's debut album "Reaping My Soul" CD

1 Intro (feat. Enois Scroggins, Kokane, First degree The D.E. and Kam)
2 Real G'z (feat. Enois Scroggins, Kokane, Loesta, Bg Knoccout and Dre'sta)
3 Da Funky-Man (feat. Enois Scroggins and Kokane)
4 N Case Dey Didnt Know (feat. Enois Scroggins)
5 G'z Dont Die (feat. Kokane and Prophesy)
6 Y Dey Want 2 Hate Me? (feat. Enois Scroggins, C.O.S and Ese Tank)
7 Now I Lay Me Down 2 Sleep (feat. C.O.S and First degree The D.E.)
8 Nympho-Maniak (feat. Espe)
9 Roll Wit Me (We Funk, G Funk) (feat. Enois Scroggins, Most Wanted and O.G. Geno)
10 Feelin So Good (feat. Big Jeff and Baby Blu)
11 Hated By Many & Loved By Few
12 Time Iz Movin Real Fast
13 Issuez (feat. Kokane)
14 Reaping My Soul (feat. Enois Scroggins, C.O.S, Raine, Choco-Loc, Bizzybone and Armageddon Miyers)
15 Situationz (feat. Kokane, Ese Tank and Choco- Loc)
16 My Life (feat. Enois Scroggins, Kokane, C.O.S and Dj. Jus-B-Gun)



Wack artist! Plain and simple


I Highly Recommend This Classic Debut Album From Tony Muthaphukkn' G. Well Worth Every Cent.

Luke Currie ( Australia )

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