Ruthless Memories: The Album, Dedicated to Eazy-E #eazye #ruthlessmemories


Ruthless Memories The Album will contain over 25 Eazy-E Dedication songs. The album features Cold187um, Dresta , BG Knocc Out, Kokane, Dirty Red, Sylk E Fyne,Yung Eazy, Baby Eazy, J-Loco, Greg Double G, South Psycho Cide, Yu-Lekz, Big Mac, K9 Compton, T-Rill, AM BEATZ, Rufat R Wright, NoNo Loco, Aztech, Hacek,Deon the Don,Diggy DRE and more.
Album is dedicated to The Godfather of Gangsta Rap Eric Eazy-E Wright. Copyright © 2014 Ruthless Propaganda Records

1. Gangsta Dresta - Ruthless Memories
02. yung eazy, baby eazy, sylk e fyne - It Aint As Easy [Prod by Yu-Lekz]
03. South Psycho Cide - wekeepitgangsta
04. Rufat R. Wright & Big Mac - Real G'z Stay Ruthless
05. nonoloco - im on that (eazy-e shit) [Prod by Nono loco]
06. Lil-Ant ft RM The Reapa Man - eazy muthaphukkin e
07. Pknuckle - eazy [Prod By. brett b]
08. und - Its Eazy [Prod By Nine Diamond]
09. T-rill - im ruthless [Prod By Jenasis Productions]
10. double g - pave the way
11. Robbs The One ft Big Cypes - Eazy-E [Prod By YuLekz]
12. deon the don - gangsta rap
13. diggy dre - HITTIN SWITCHEZ (ON YALL)
14. cookoo - so eazy
15. j-loco, kokane, menace 5150 & ybv - hood party
16. dresta - FTW [Mastered By Yu-Lekz]
17. k9 compton - Bouncing Hopping [Prod By Yu-Lekz & Thay the bavarian]
18. big hutch - Death to the fake [prod by cold187um]
19. bg knocc out - in my prime
20. loesta - No one said it would be eazy [Prod by Rhythm D]



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