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21. Don Kaboo. Feat The new west movement - Westside [Prod By Yu-Lekz]
22. Dirty Red - Californias Finest (Yu-Lekz Remix)
23. OZ - Street Products [Produced By El Especialista]
24. Nonoloco feat 10West - DemBoyzNDaHood [Prod By Bobby Swagg & Nonloco]
25. South Psycho Cide - Turn It Up Eazy [Prod By COOKOO]
26. Playboy ant ft Parkin Lot Drunks - Eazy E from the CPT
27. Greg Double - I Am The Product [Prod By Indecent The Slapmaster]
28. J-Loco - Be Eazy [Prod By DJ Noriega]
29. K9Compton - LETS GET MOE
30. 3RDegree - Eazy 123 [Prod By Kajmir Royale]
31. South Psycho Cide - Brown to the Black [RIP Eazy-E]
32. Envy - Toast To A Legend [Prod Yu-Lekz]
33. AzTECH feat hacek - Street King Of Compton [Prod by Twixman357]
34 Big Hutch - Big Hutch’s Revenge
35 Yung Eazy feat Loesta, K9Compton California living [prod by am beatz]

35. Tony [Muthaphukkin] G feat Various Artists - West Coast United [Prod By Young G



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