Eazy-E Movie "Ruthless Memories" Part 1 #EAZYE #EAZYEMOVIE

Ruthless Memories is a documentary over 2 hours long. You are purchasing Part 1 .

These DVD's ship world wide and play fine in countries such as Europe and Australia.

Part 1 includes Eazy's early life before rap music. his involvement in the streets,gangs and drug dealing. Then goes on to the formation of Ruthless Records, the early years of Ruthless and the break up of NWA. Part 1 also cover the DR DRE, Death Row VS Ruthless Records beef.

Eric (Eazy-E) Wright forever changed music
and popular culture. RUTHLESS MEMORIES is a real look into the life and personality of
histories most ground breaking, innovative
gangster rapper. This film eternally captures in depth, personal thoughts and feelings from the people who were part of EAZY-E's daily life.
Learn about Eric's personality from people who knew him before NWA and the rise of his Ruthless Empire. Hear the details regarding the break
up of the worlds most dangerous group N.W.A
Find out just how real and dangerous the Death Row / Ruthless Records BEEF really was.
We will also get the breakdown on the last days of Eazy-E and look into some of the conspiracy
theories and rumors regarding his tragic death.
RUTHLESS MEMORIES is a RAW, UNCENSORED film created to preserve the facts and memories of Eric Wright

A Ruthless Propaganda Film

Interviews with Jerry Heller, Kokane, Cold187um aka BIG HUTCH, DIrty Red, Diamond Ice Girl, Steffon, Yomo, Bigg A, Derrek baby eazy wright, bone thugs and more.



As a South African on the outside looking in I have found this documentary to be one of the realist. Given the little info out there on Eazy E and before the advent of the information age , I found this to be a sincere, no holds barred look at the life of a hip hop legend. Commentary from his peers were frank, open and gave me new insights into the life of this legend. Thank you Sergio for taking so much time to give us a project that excudes your passion for this artist and the artists' that came from the Ruthless stable. Good luck with part II and I hope it drops more gems on us.......

Harry Isaacs

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