Cold187um: "The Big Hit" Album @ogbighutch #abovethelaw #cold187um

NEW Album by West Coast / G Funk Pioneer Cold187um of Above The Law titled "The Big Hit"

1. "Peace (Skit)”

2. "Angels and Demons”

3. "Wake The Dead”

4. "Master (Skit)”

5. "Death To The Fake”

6. "Wake Up Call (Skit)”

7. "Diaries of a Drug Dealer”

8. "Still Untouchable” f. Royal Krown

9. "Cassandra Deniro”

10. "Break (Skit)”

11. "Goodies Girl”

12. "Bank (Skit)”

13. "Eye of the Storm” f. Shaelyn Rolf

14. "Vibe With Me"

15. "Outro"



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